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Member of the European Humanist Federation (EHF)
In the Dachverband Freier Weltanschauungsgemeinschaften e.V. (DFW) free- and non-religious communities and other secular assoziations from the Federal Republic of Germany are joined together, representing approximately 50,000 members. In 1991 the DFW was springing from the Deutscher Volksbund für Geistesfreiheit founded in 1949. It stands for the realization of the freedom of belief and conscience and the freedom of denomination as well as other confessions, as guaranteed in the German constitution.

The DFW claims to represent the special philosophical, social and cultural interests of those people that are free of church and attached to secular humanism. Concerning this aim the member associations develop appropriate cultural offers (youth celebration, other life celebrations, mourning assistance), social projects and charitable facilities.

Representing free secular people, i.e. free religious and freethinking people, free humanists and Unitarians, the DFW stands for humanism, tolerance and human dignity. It commits to the carrying through and safeguarding of human rights, commits to a peaceful living together of all people irrespective of their religious, philosophical and political opinions, irrespective of their origin, gender and their view of life, promoting the equality of all humans.

Members of our Umbrella Organization of Secular Assoziations in Germany are:
* Bund Freireligiöser Gemeinden Deutschlands, KdöR
* Bund für Geistesfreiheit Bayern, KdöR
* Deutsche Unitarier Religionsgemeinschaft e.V.
* Freigeistige Aktion für humanistische Kultur e.V.
* Freigeistiges Lebenshilfswerk e.V.
* Freireligiöse Gemeinde Berlin e.V.
* Fachverband bekenntnisfreie Religions- und Lebenskunde in Schleswig-Holstein e.V.
* Humanistischer Freidenkerbund Brandenburg e.V.
* Verband Freier Weltanschauungsgemeinschaften Hamburg e.V.

The socio-political work of the DFW is determined by the opinion that values and moral standards of a social community can only be agreed on in conversation with each other, preserving the dignity of each and everyone. Intolerant ideologies and dogmas, racist and nationalistic ways of thinking and acting, authoritarian structures, as well as use and threat of force are contradictory to this. The DFW is not dependent of any political party and stands for the separation of state and church, as well as the equality of all religious and secular philosophical communities.

Dr. Volker Mueller, former President
Horst Prem, former Vice-President

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